Project Ideas

If our large team projects don’t fit your schedule, feel free to create your own Hope Week Project! We are encouraging every believer to mark off time on their calendar during this week and make a plan to go help your community and make it better.

Remember: Hope Week projects aren’t fundraisers or events that we invite people to… they are things we do to help the community around us. When you do your project, make sure to take a picture of you in your shirt and post it to social media with #myhopeweek.

Here are some examples that could spark your creativity:

  • Take a walk on your favorite hiking path and pick up trash.
  • Help cut grass or do yard work for an elderly neighbor or someone who is unable. (get permission)
  • Go to a local park and pull weeds.
  • Contact a local organization that helps the community (food pantry, shelter, etc…) and ask if there is any work you can do or resources you could donate.
  • Go a local nursing home and see if you can spend time with people.
  • Side walk chalk an area to inspire hope.
  • Go grocery shopping for someone who is elderly or purchase groceries for someone who might be struggling.
  • Grab some cleaning supplies and disinfect your local park equipment. 
  • Have your kids make drawings for a local nursing home and drop them off to encourage them.
  • If you have connections in a local community (mayors, aldermen, etc..) ask them if there is anything that needs some work.
  • Donate blood or plasma. 
  • Plant flowers in a local community planter to make the area look nicer. (get permission)
  • Purchase food from a local restaurant and drop it off for local police and first responders. 
  • Host a free carwash in your community. 
  • Walk some streets in your local community and pick up trash or debris.

If you have an idea for a project and would like to run it past our volunteers: text the idea to: 833. 694.1555