Hope Week : Two Ways!

This year is a little different… Ax Church (the organization behind Hope Week’s generosity) is in a focussed campaign called Build His Church. They have to be out of their current building by October 1, 2023 and Hope Week is going to help them do it!

So there are two way you can serve Hope Week this year:

1). We are calling all Christians of the Illinois Valley to create their own personal Hope Week project to spread hope in a personal way.

Hope Week projects center around helping the community by taking care of something, making something better or helping someone out.

The projects aren’t events we invite people to or fundraisers for causes. They are simply service projects that make something better. (Find ideas on the Project Ideas page on this site)

2). We are inviting Christians to sign up for big team projects to help Build His Church and help Ax Church get into their new location. Ax Church has been the driving force behind Hope Week for 8 years and we want to help them accomplish this awesome task, so that they can sponsor another 8 years of awesome Hope Weeks!

These team projects will have all the supplies needed waiting for you to accomplish the task. (Find the projects that is best for you at the Team Projects page)