I Want To Help!

Thank you for being willing to help with Hope Week 2021!

Hope Week is in your hands!

Here is what you do:

1. Text your name to 815.200.8704 to let us know that you are in!

2. Plan your Hope Week project for between June 6-12, 2021. (If you need ideas, check them out here!)

3. Do your Hope Week project and make the community better! Be sure to take a picture of you and whatever helpers you have and post it to social media with #myhopeweek

.4. Text us a quick description of the project you accomplished to 815.200.8704. Include: The names of the people who helped. What church you are from and the hours it took to accomplish. (Also let us know if you donated supplies to make the project happen).

5. Go home feeling awesome because you helped bring hope to your community!