Hope Week is in your hands!

Hope Week is seven days of Christians radically helping their community. Usually this means big projects that are planned with communities and organizations encompassing 100’s of volunteers. Due to Covid-19 this strategy couldn’t work.

So, this year Hope Week is in your hands! We are calling all Christians of the Illinois Valley to create their own Hope Week projects in their local communities to spread hope.

Hope Week projects center around helping the community by doing things to make it better (picking up trash, weeding parks, helping an elderly neighbor) or by helping organizations that make the community better (cleaning a food pantry, assisting a library, etc..).

The projects aren’t events we invite people to or fundraisers for causes. They are simply service projects that make something better.

You can make a real difference in your community! Together, we can make a massive impact in the Illinois Valley! 

Hope Week runs Sunday, June 6th through Saturday June 12th, 2021. Sign up to help!